About Me

Hello thanks for stopping by! I would like to introduce myself to you, my name is Nita Hickey. For those who smiled when they read my name, thats great because I enjoy making people smile. For those who didn’t get it right away let me spell it a different way “need a hickey.” Yes that is really my name and when you get my name it usually brings a smile and a little chuckle to people and that I enjoy. Others ask if I could change my name, well no because I married I wonderful man, Matt who is my hero (firefighter and a disaster first responder) and is very supportive. Since Matt does websites I have asked him to do mine, please direct all website questions to Matt, he is the “WEBMASTER”. I also ask him for his help from time to time with his creativity and his awesome work with my projects. Combined we have 5 kids, 2 grandkids and 1 grandchild on the way. Lets not forget our biggest baby and that is Radar, our spoiled 3.4 lb YorkIE terrier.


I already have two questions for you, 1st. did you ever ask yourself what age would be when you retire? 2nd. did you come up with a plan of what it was going to be like when you do retire? Never in 1 million years did I ever expect to be forced into retirement at 57. I did not expect to have medical issues which forced me into retirement, that too was not in my plan. So here I am, medically disabled retired at the age of 57. This was not in my game plan whatsoever. If you answered yes to both of those questions, just make sure to expect the unexpected.

With being retired and having limitations put on me I really wasn’t sure what I was going to do with myself. I was used to working 5 to 6 days a week, averaging 45 – 60 hrs. a week. Trying to adjust and not knowing exactly what I was going to do. I invited BOO-hOO and we both had a pity party. Our pity party of watching mindless TV, comfort food, warm cozy sweats, internet apps and laying on my sofa. Not sure exactly what happened, there was no revelation, no beam of sunshine or bells and whistles, I just decided not to invite boo-HOo over any longer and now I invited ACCEPTANCE. Which I HAVE tO tell you Acceptance is a whole lot better and besides it cleans up after itself. In accepting life on life’s new terms I wanted to do something that would not only bring me happiness but happiness to others around me.

I started looking for options of what I could do with the limitations which were put on me. As I mentioned before, I watched a lot of television and I think those ads for Culinary school became intriguing so my first endeavor was the Art of Cooking. My husband, who I told you was supportive (well almost supportive with everything, BUT I’ll get to that a few minutes) and was my main taste tester of the various dishes I would make from the recipes I have gotten from websites, magazines, cookbooks, and neighbors. Soon I was cooking for my friends, family, the fire station, neighbors, and even some of the clerks at the grocery store. I was having a really good time cooking and sharing my recipes and having others enjoy what I was doing was fulfilling to me. Then the day came where my supportive husband sat me down and had the talk. You know the talk ….you just knew that something was about ready to be said, some bombshell was going to be dropped. My husband who is normally 100% supportive very nicely and calmly asked me to find another hobby. Another hobby? What? No longer cook? I was appalled! Was it my cooking? is it that bad? It wasn’t that my cooking was bad, no as a matter of fact my cooking was good, Gaining weight from eating my cooking was not good.

I set out on a new adventure. I had to replace cooking and maintain my goal and that was to make others happy which gave me self-satisfaction as well. I was on a new mission. What would it be? I tried several things. None of them gave me quite the satisfaction that I felt that I was looking for especially when I would get comments like oh yeah that’s nice, or no I don’t know anybody who really wants one of those. My search was still on. What I wanted was that WOW factor. Something that I could do, be creative, but most importantly for others to enjoy as well. One thing that I did find out and I want to applaud all of you out there who really enjoy knitting, crocheting, needlepoint, etc, etc. Your patience level is amazing and I applaud you, but it really wasn’t for me. Not quite sure I think about a year ago I picked up a prefab birdhouse, paints, and the other things that go with this new adventure and I was hooked especially when I started getting orders from members of his department, and my neighbors. My first piece, a fire station, was a joint adventure getting input from my husband and my stepdaughter. I knew what I wanted to do but who better to ask than a fireman? With their ideas I took the prefab wood house, changed it up a bit, added fire house doors, painted it using 3 coats of paint in the appropriate colors, securing the paints with a sealer, added a few decorations, and presto I was hooked. Here is a picture of my finished piece.

I started getting orders from friends, family, doctors, nurses, AND BUSINESSES. My main questions I would have when an order was placed would be….What are your 3 favorite colors? What theme or hobby would you like? After completion of each order I was encouraged to go into business. Most of all I achieved my personal goal, a smile on their face and they were very happy with the order they placed.

So, here I am.

This now is the start of my new adventure, birdhousecraft.com. birdhousecraft.com will be SOLELY based on YOU and when your pleased and 100% satisfied I then will achieve my personal goal, and that is to make you happy with a smile. You not only employee me but also my supportive husband with every order. There will be no job too small or too big that you will not have us both on your team. I will listen to you with your ideas, colors, and theme. I will continue to use the finest paints, when painting, and sealer when necessary. My designs will be unique. When adding on any decoration, they will be high-quality, and appropriate to the theme you have chosen. Your order will be completed only when your expectations are met. One key factor I feel in customer satisfaction is communication. I will always be available should you have any questions, concerns, or comments. If you choose a piece I have in inventory or a special order it will be packed with care and shipped out promptly. this is where my husband comes in as your shipping department. When placing a special order, you and i will work together. I will listen to you and your ideas. Before I start working on your order, it will have your approval and the estimated time of completion. Upon completion it will then be packed with care and shipped out promptly, yes again by my husband.

The website will be updated weekly with new inventory and new ideas. If there is anything that you would like to see on the website please let us know and we will be glad to add it for you.

Again I’d like to thank you for taking this opportunity to work for you and with you. Should you have any questions, comments, any ideas, please by all means let me know, or an email to just say hello would be nice as well. Take care.

I look forward to hearing from you.